Continuous improvement consultancy

    A.t.i.e. Uno Informatica has studied specific training programs for each system utilized on aluminium extrusion process, with specific educational material, with the aim of maximizing the learning and utilization grade of its software, reducing as most as possible the learning curve and the resistance factors of the users to the changes.

    Training programs are divided in different phases:

    1. The diffusion of the system will be top-down and progressive: once the system will be installed the key users will start using it and then gradually all the other ones.
    2. In this period of progressive penetration of EMS the non-hierarchic social interactions among the users will be encouraged; it’s highly relevant that the users can talk and help each other with no fear of hierarchic judgment and evaluation.
    3. The systems shall become one of the daily operations performed by the users, which shall be convinced that, as proved by our experience, EMS use grants great advantages for the company and the efficiency and the satisfaction of the user are increased as well.

    A.t.i.e. Uno Informatica will support the whole process monitoring the utilization level of the system, giving the customer the tools to evaluate the learning level, cooperating in the certification of the autonomy level and assessing the competences of the single users.

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