Extrusion Intelligence

Extrusion Intelligence is a system designed to analyze in detail the entire extrusion process, integrating a standard model of analysis with its own reports, designed specifically for aluminium extrusion market.

Extrusion Intelligence is based on the identification of production KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) allowing, thanks to the data collected by Extrusion Management System, to keep them under control analyzing the data of the entire production process; ‘what-if’ analyses can be performed to simulate alternative scenarios and analyze the ROI of a potential investment with the aim of increasing the company performances.

Extrusion Intelligence, thank to the analysis of the matrics ‘Availability’, ‘Performance’ and ‘Quality’ feeds back the indicator OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), providing a constant view of the actual rate of utilization and efficiency through advanced analyses.

Extrusion Intelligence lets achieve the following results:

  • quick identification of the critical situation keeping constantly under control the production KPIs
  • statistic and analytic support to decision processep
  • optimization of analysis time thanks to multi-dimensional graphics that overcome the static spreadsheets