Extrusion Management System

Extrusion Management System (EMS) is a system designed to increase productivity and quality and collect the production data, manually or automatically depending by the characteristics of the plant, and analyze them in an advanced way during the different production processes, from the foundry to the extrusion, from the post-extrusion processes to the shipment.

Thanks to its modules of optimization, simulation and data analysis EMS allows, other than collecting the data, a constant and consistent improvement of the productivity over the aluminium extrusion processes, thanks to the application of the Kaizen method; EMS can be interfaced with any ERP available.

Extrusion Management System lets achieve the following results:

  • productivity increase by at least 3%, up to more than 20%
  • calculation and constant analysis of OEE indicator (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and its metrics (Availability, Performance, Quality)
  • constant improvement of the productivity thanks to the application of the method Kaizen on the single metrics composing the OEE indicator
  • thermal break articles management with related BOMs
  • max repeatability of the process
  • full visibility of the production data
  • specific data analysis with the system Extrusion Intelligence
  • fully adaptable to any production environment applying specific customizations

This system currently operates on daily basis in tens of aluminium extrusion plants worldwide, with a high satisfaction of the customers who notice constantly relevant increase in terms of productivity and quality.