Theoria is the first planning system specific for aluminium extrusion factories, designed basing on the most advanced Lean Manufacturing theories and to support the features provided by Industry 4.0.

Theoria calculates different production scenarios very quickly, basing on the productivity of the resources, the priority of the orders and many other criteria, providing the productivity on each scenario and the possibility to compare them easily, giving also the flexibility to produce successfully even very small lots.

The reliability and usability of Theoria allows a quick implementation time.

Theoria lets achieve the following results:

  • Possibility to create scenarios quickly
  • Real-time management of the planning stage
  • Production planning basing on different aggregation criteria
  • Forward/backward planning at single order level
  • Delivery dates monitoring
  • Flexible management of the resources’ calendars
  • Monitoring of daily loading factor per each resource
  • Planning basing on actual die data
  • MRP planning basing on current and future stock
  • Drag and drop planning from Gantt interface